How to choose your Sports Therapist?

I have seen many clients who have said to me, “I’ve seen many sports therapist/physiotherapists before and have not seen any improvement, what makes you different?”

My first reply is always, “To what level were they qualified?”

Clients often reply, “Well, I’m unsure – they did not say and I did not ask. I just want to be in less pain.”

In this type of industry, it is difficult when choosing the right sports therapist. When most clients choose a sports therapist, they want one outcome and that is to be “fixed”, or “in less pain”, which is very understandable.

My advice to you would be;

  • always ask the level of qualification
  • ask how long have they been practising
  • were they recommended by someone you know?
  • do they offer a phone chat before your appointment?
  • have you read their reviews?
  • are they insured?

There may also be reasons, not based on a qualification level or how long they have been practising, but as a person you may not bond with the sports therapist. Creating a bond with clients and maintaining good communication is required to a high level to ensure that the client’s best interests are top priority. This is one of the skills that I like to maintain because it keeps my clients happy and their treatment or rehabilitation programme will be more effective.

I have only ever been asked once what level my qualification was but I always tell people, so they know I am qualified to a high level.

So do not rush when choosing your sports therapist and do not let cheaper prices encourage you to use them. As the famous saying goes “pay cheap, pay twice”.


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