Dry Cupping 

Dry cupping therapy is one of the oldest healing methods and was practiced by the ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Greeks. Cupping therapy dates back to the Ebbers Papyrus which is one of the oldest medical records, written in c.1536 B.C. There are variations in different ways to practice cupping therapy such as wet cupping, dry cupping and fire cupping. Dry cupping therapy is also known as static cupping or retained cupping; this is done by creating a seal with the cups placed onto skin and then extracting some of the air inside the cups. Dry Cupping is a good way to help relax tight muscles and to help reduce pain, dry cupping as a treatment method works the pain gate sytem ellivating pain syptoms effiently.  

Dry Cupping

The benefits:

  • helps to increase blood flow
  • reduces muscle tightness
  • stimulates the pain gate theory
  • increases flexibility
  • helps to reduce the toxins in your body
  • helps to ease migraines
  • helps to increase oxygenation and nutrient content in the muscle tissue

Above are some benefits to be seen when using dry cupping, so if you feel this would be something, you’d like to try within your rehabilitation plan, it can help improve the recovery time (depending on injury). Dry cupping has great benefit as a treatment method and has been around for decades.

Dry Cupping Colour

Dry Cupping Articles

The Forbes magazine (Salzberg, 2020), found that dry cupping therapy may actually cause more harm than good and found disadvantages to dry cupping. This was due to no specific or medical evidence that dry cupping works. 

The (Almeida Silva, 2019) study compared dry cupping vs placebo effect dry cupping and discovered there was no significant difference. To some extent there will always be a placebo effect within treatments. 

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