Additional Treatments

Connective Sports Therapy always keeps up to date with new treatment methods and ensures that our clients have the best treatment provided, as well as options to try new methods which can help in the recovery process of injuries or help in day to day activities. Additional treatments work well alongside sports massage which also helps mobility and flexibilty.

Additional Treatments

Below are a list of Additional treatments that work well alongside sports therapy treatment. These Additional treatments can help speed up recovery time. 

IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation)

IASTM is another way to resolve pain and tightness in the muscles. IASTM magnifies abnormalities in the soft tissue which makes it easier to locate and identify damaged areas in your muscles. It helps to reduce scar tissue and myofascial adhesions.

Injury Diagnosis

Injury diagnosis will provide you with detailed information of your current injury, as well as the best treatment and advice for you. Before your appointment, there will be a telephone call to discuss your problem. If you are just wanting a sports massage with no specific injury, then I will provide you with knowledge of the muscular system to help you learn more about how the body and muscles work. 

Rehabilitation programmes

It is extremely important when rehabilitating injuries to do it correctly and specific to your needs. Connective Sports Therapy can provide bespoke rehabilitation plans, with video links and pdf files for the exercises which will be provided. This will be discussed and put in place for the initial consultation.   

Posture and movement analysis 

On your initial consultation a full postural assessment and gait analysis will be performed to check if there are any areas that could be improved to help reduce and prevent injuries. I will also look into the biomechanics of each individual and check that it is all functioning correctly. This will give you the best results and will be bespoke for your needs. 

Online Zoom Consultations

With the COVID19 crisis, this is a great way to avoid contact and a swift diagnosis. I will be able to provide exercise-based rehabilitation to do at home and give you tips on the best techniques to keep the pain at bay. Online consultations will be beneficial for you if you are unable to get out or are feeling under the weather.

Full Body MOTs

Full body MOTs are just as important as getting your car MOTed. This is a great way to really understand the biomechanics of your body. We will provide a plan to get you back to being fully functional and help get rid of all those aches and pains. We will work together a discuss your problem areas and provide the best suitable treatments and sustainable plans for you.


Additional Treatment Articles

This Kim, Snung & Lee, (2017) study looks into the benefits of IASTM therapy and how it can help reduce scar tissue, increase the healing process and help the development of the collagen within the connective tissue. 

The Kox et al, (2019) study investigated the injury diagnosis within young athletes and the impact of overuse injuries and the impact this can have on young athletes’ growth plates. This study showed that it may have impact on diagnosing injuries when they are older. 

The Tyler, Schmitt, Nicholas & McHugh, (2017) study looks into how a rehabilitation programme specific to hamstring strains helps to reduce the reoccurrence of injury. Rehabilitation programmes can help reduce the injury from reoccurring. 

The Beacon, Comeau, Payeur & Russell, (2017) study assessed the posture and movement analysis in pianists. This study used a kinetic sensor to see the muscle movements and posture throughout a session.

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