Sports Massage

Sports Massage Therapy is deep tissue massage which helps to release muscle tension. Sports massage is used to treat and prevent injuries. During a massage there are many different techniques which are used – each according to the individual and their needs. Sports massage is great for loosening muscle fascia, easing tight muscles and removing knots. Some of the different techniques used in sports massage include:


This technique helps warm up the muscle tissues and help increase blood flow. Smooth long strokes to help remove waste products. This technique should always be used by applying strokes towards the heart. 


Petrissage is the kneading of the muscles and the activation of the lymphatic system which removes waste products from the tissues. Different techniques are used within this category.


This technique used during sports massage, it is a rhythmic percussion which helps to increase the blood circulation in the local area. 

Sports Massage

The benefits:

  • pre/post event massage (reduces injury rate)
  • helps to correct muscular imbalances
  • assists with posture correction
  • enhances performance
  • injury prevention
  • reduces stress
  • increases range of movement

Who can have Sports Massage?

Sports massage is aimed to help everyone – not just people who undertake sporting activities. Many of my clients suffer from injuries caused by office-based jobs or work involving repetitive motions which cause long-term stress on your muscles.

Sports Massage Colour

Sports Massage Articles

The Leach & Schilz, (2020) study, investigated the way athletes perceive sports massage therapy and tests if it has a positive response and the athlete’s knowledge on sports massage.  It is important to have regular sports massage as muscle fatigue in athletes occurs quite often during and after training.

The Gasibat & Suwehli, (2017) study, assesses the mechanisms of massage and how it can benefit athletes in performance, muscle recovery, and injury prevention. This is a very useful journal as it includes lots of information and techniques to use for yourselves.


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