How much should you pay for a sports therapist? 

Now, this is a question that is frequently asked and many people don’t know what is a good price to pay for a sports therapy session.

When searching for a sports therapy session, sports massage or injury rehabilitation session, the first thing we mainly ask is “what is the suitable price to pay for the treatment”. In sports massage/therapy there are different levels of qualification which are:

Level 3 – basic massage skills which allows you to treat the general public (£25 per hour)

Level 4 – basic massage skills + more advanced treatment skills (correction of soft tissue dysfunctions and pre-diagnosis) (£30 per hour) 

Level 5 – advanced massage skills such as; myofascial release, trigger point therapy, IASTM therapy, joint mobilisations, advanced anatomy and physiology knowledge, treatment testing, soft tissue release, active and passive stretching and principles of injury management (£35 per hour) 

Level 6 – advanced anatomy and physiology skill set, advanced massage techniques, advanced rehabilitation skills, bespoke rehabilitation programmes, additional treatments such as; dry needling, dry cupping, voodoo flossing and many more (£40/£45 per hour)

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding on what is suitable for your needs and, when searching for a sports therapist, ask for their level of qualification to know what prices you should be looking at paying. Be wary of sports therapists who are not qualified to offer certain treatments – they may not be insured to deliver those treatments.

Of course, this is my view and I have taken the time to see what sports therapists of various qualification levels are charging in Plymouth. 

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