Voodoo Flossing

Voodoo flooring is a treatment method which helps to improve the range of movement in joints by popular myofascial compression intervention. Voodoo floss bands restrict the blood flow to the area on where the floss band has been placed to help increase the movement within the joint. When using the voodoo floss bands, the limited movement and compression change the effect of the muscle fascia which allows the fascia to move more freely and to stretch the fascia around the area of the voodoo floss band (Starrett & Cordoza, 2013). 


Voodoo Flossing

The benefits:

  • increases range of movement
  • helps joint mobility
  • reduces pain levels
  • potentially speeds up recovery
  • reduces scar tissue

Above are some benefits to be seen when using voodoo flossing alongside other treatment therapies. Voodoo flossing can be self admistered to help speed up recovery and to increase joint mobility and flexibility.  

Voodoo Flossing Mono

Voodoo Flossing Articles

The Ross & Kandassamy, (2017) study, showed benefits from using voodoo flossing to help improve range of movement in dorsiflexion of the ankle (toes point towards your face). This study saw benefits for increasing the range of movement but was unable to show how long the effects lasted.

The Hodeaux, (2017) study, was the first to investigate how voodoo flossing would increase the range of movement at the elbow joint. This study investigated tennis players and found that the voodoo floss bands were not effective for improving range of movement. However, there are studies that found voodoo flossing helps to break down scar tissue and improve joint mechanics, as shown in the journal above.

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