Connective Flow

This is a gentle rehabilitation, stability, mobility and stretch class to will help with stretching, strengthening and activating those all-important muscles. Connective Flow classes are run in a ‘flow’ style so that every move connects and has a flow effect. The classes are great for easing tight muscles and helping towards strengthening muscle to prevent injuries occurring or reoccurring. Most importantly, this class is suitable for everyone. In the current situation Connective Flow classes can now be done over Zoom.  

Connective Flow

The benefits:

  • healthy joints
  • keeps you mobile and active
  • helps improve joint mobility
  • decreases pain and stiffness within joints
  • reduces injuries occuring
  • stretching muscle groups
  • increasing flexibility (all levels can be catered)

Keeping mobile and active is important at any stage through life and helps to maintain active and healthy joints. This can be achieved through Connective Flow classes and we aim to keep you and your body happy. 


Yoga/Mobility Articles

The Zhang, (2020) study looked into a new type of treatment therapy which uses McKenzie therapy. This helps to encourage self rehabilitation for people who suffer with cervical spondylitis. In combination with yoga therapy, it allows you to alleviate symptoms and encourages you to use these exercises to help reduce pain. In this study it was shown to reduce the rate of surgical intervention and can improve this type of injury up to 15% in comparison with the treatment methods usually prescribed.

In the Yamamoto-Morimoto, Horibe, Takao & Anami, (2019) study it investigates how beneficial yoga is to help increase physical and respiratory functions in inactive middle-aged people.

The Kempert, (2020) study looks into the benefits of yoga with pediatric chronic pain by doing 60 minutes per week and how this is beneficial long-term. 

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