Case Study Two

A female client aged 22, came to me with discomfort in the inside of her leg when trying to do a front split. The client performs regular exercise and this was affecting her split training. The client had hurt herself from doing the splits from not warming up and consequently pulled a muscle within the adductors/hamstring. 

I started with some stretching and foam rolling advice for the first week. The affected muscle was too uncomfortable to touch and would not have been suitable for a massage. I also advised the client not to train for the splits until after one massage. After doing some special tests to see what adductor (Adductor Magnus) had been affected, I created a suitable rehabilitation programme to help the client achieve her front split again.

Client’s Testomonial

6th July 2020

“I popped my hamstring during a stretch class about 6 weeks ago and Abbey was recommended to me!

She is insane. So chill and puts you right at ease which is what you want when someone’s massaging you.

My legs are sore from it but definitely worth it as it’s going to help massively, she also gave me certain exercises to work on to help with the injury!

Couldn’t recommend Abbey any more highly!”

Rehabilitation Programme (PDF)

Below are the exercise rehabilitation programmes used to help improve this client’s hamstring/adductor strengthening and mobility.

The exercises used within the rehabilitation programme within the first four weeks were effective (as shown in the videos). Each programme will vary for each individual. 

Just before lockdown, my client pulled her adductor muscles and I made a bespoke video for her to help with stretching and strengthening exercises. This was really beneficial for her and reduced the pain within her adductors. She left me a lovely review which can be found on my facebook page!


Hamstring & Adductor Articles

The Khandekar, (2017) study, looked into the assessment and management of adductor strain. Groin injuries occur between 2%–5% of all sport-induced activities. This journal looks into the assessment and treatment options.

The Van De Hoef et al (2019) study, investigated how effective the Bounding Exercise Program (BEP) is on hamstring injuries. Hamstring injuries have a high injury rate (15% of all injuries) and happen mostly in amateur sports players. This study showed that no evidence was found that using plyometric training helps to reduce hamstring injuries.


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